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The Owners of the Place:

Hey y'all! We are Jeremy and Kristiana Van Winkle and we are the proud owners of Pryor Place. 

Where did the name 'Pryor Place' come from?
The name is inspired from Kristiana's maiden name - Pryor. It is also a tribute to her late father, Dallas Pryor. In 2020, Jeremy and Kristiana lost both fathers within a 2-month span. Through tragedy, they found the drive to pursue a goal of theirs - to open a business together.

Where is the Place located? 
Pryor Place is conveniently located just 30 minutes south of Oklahoma City in Newcastle, Oklahoma. A few miles north of Highway 9, your guests will gather in a shabby chic venue surrounded by richly wooded, picturesque setting. 

Able to accommodate up to 200 guests, Pryor Place offers a secluded locale with modern amenities. 

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